I am the alpha beta male

I am a soon to be failed stand up comedian. This is, more or less, exactly the same as every other tumblr that's out there. I'm thinking of it as a online scrapbook-journal thing. Hopefully a year or so from now I can look back at this and think about how much I want to punch past-me in the face.


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Alright, I’ve settled on my starter for Pokemon Gold
HAH! Just kidding. Can you imagine?

Alright, I’ve settled on my starter for Pokemon Gold

HAH! Just kidding. Can you imagine?


okay okay okay, here’s what I’ve decided to do

I’m not going to delete my Pokemon Silver save file. I’ve groan to close with my team.

But I need a change of pace, so I’m going download a copy of Pokemon Gold (I use a gameboy color emulator) and use it for the nuzzleaf challenge.

For those of you who don’t know, thats when you do a playthrough with the following rules:

  • You can only catch one pokemon per-area.
  • Once a pokemon faints, it is considered dead. You have to release it.
  • If all the pokemon in your party are defeated, its game over. You have to start from the beginning. 
  • No catching legendarys
  • nicknames are encoraged

This should be interesting


You know what?




In other news, this is my one day off this week and this is how I’m spending it


For more context on that pokemon post, here’s my current party


I’m thinking of doing something drastic


I’m thinking of restarting my playthrough of Pokemon Silver.

I mean, things are going really well. I’m currently fighting Team Rocket in Mahogany Town, and all my Pokemon are between level 27 and level 30, which is pretty far along considering where I am.

But I’m not happy with the way my party is balanced. I have two really powerful water pokemon: Jesus (my Feraligatr, level 31) and Kathy (my red Gyarados, level 30). They’re both really great pokemon, but I don’t need to have both of them in my party. That said, I feel like not using one of them would be wasteful. Its not a horrible problem to have I guess, but its bothering me. I feel like if I’d started with a fire pokemon, I wouldn’t be having these issues, because fire pokemon seem to be fairly rare, but water pokemon are pretty easy to come by. Thoughts?



The decor in here is honestly a little overwhelming

The decor in here is honestly a little overwhelming


If any of you are interested, you can find all my Pokemon Silver escapades in one place here.

There’s sort of a cohesive narrative, I guess.